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Oil Tank Sweep Stewartsville NJ Survey Recommended For Home Buyers

Oil Tank Sweep Stewartsville NJ representatives are pleased to report that the firm has the equipment and services to resolve a growing problem for home buyers and sellers in New Jersey. When older homes are placed on the market, most buyers will demand an inspection to be sure that there are no underground oil tanks or excavations where tanks have been located. Sellers must disclose if there is an underground oil tank and inspection is necessary to be sure that no leakage has occurred. Regulations require that this type of structure be removed according to exact specifications.

Oil Tank Sweep NJ

The company uses two types of inspection surveys. The first step is to conduct research on-site and off site to determine if a tank has been located on the property. Actual surveys include a 20-point inspection process to determine if a tank is present. This is the most thorough in the entire industry. Walking inspections of the property are combined with metal detector sweeps and ground penetrating radar (GPR) surveys. These techniques are performed to locate buried tanks, as well as excavations where tanks were located in the past.

Even if there are no obvious signs that a tank had been or is located on a property, the company can utilize electronic or x-rays in order to locate the tank. A metal detector scan can be performed to look for steel tanks underground. GPR techniques send a radar signal into the ground to find buried tanks, pipes and excavations. Even when such structures are under asphalt, the methods will locate the presence of an underground storage tank.

GPR is a better choice to find former tank locations, since there is a need to check soil for confirmation that there were no leaks from the prior tank. Metal detection surveys alone do not provide this type of information. With the Oil Tank Sweep NJ commercial sweep firm, both types of surveys are conducted for the property.

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